In light of the separation of children from their parents or other caregivers and the living conditions of the detained children and threats of further deportation and family separation, a statement from SNSC’s spoke people, the Executive Director and Board President follows.

For 40 years the Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) has proudly stood up for the rights of vulnerable children. Our core belief is that ALL children deserve to be happy, healthy, and safe.   

With this core belief in our hearts and minds, we denounce the practice of separating immigrant children from their families and urge our government to cease this activity which is unconscionable and causes irreparable harm to young lives.

This is not a political statement on immigration policy.  This is an appeal to elevate the inalienable right of all children to be safe.

We invite you- regardless of your political leanings- to join us in speaking out against family separation at our borders and to call for humane treatment of immigrant children currently being held in detention centers.

A special thank you to Kent Johnson, CEO Highlights for Children, for inspiring our message.

Laura Perez                                                            Jo-Anne Unruh
Executive Director                                                   Board President