SNSC operates four complementary programs to achieve our mission. All of our programs support people with special needs, and their families,  to pursue their goals and aspirations.

Please call SNSC at 603-448-6311 or email our Program Director to learn more or register for programs.


Art Lab is a weekly open studio art program for adults with special needs implemented in collaboration with SNSC and the AVA Gallery and Art Center.  The participating artists get a chance to explore different media with an emphasis on creative self-expression while socializing.


Happenings is a social activities program for adults with special needs.

As we’re shifting from our outdoor summer programming toward more remote/virtual winter programming, we’re pleased to introduce our At Home Winter Series.

Our At Home Snow Series offers daily programs which start at 10:00 and run for 30-45 minutes depending on the day.

If you are interested in joining one or more of the 10-week online classes, please RSVP and we’ll send you the Zoom link for the course.


Book Club with Bobbi @ 10:30am

Bobbi Perez has been working with children and adults who have disabilities since the 1970’s.  Throughout her life she has advocated for social justice including work with people with disabilities, prisoners transitioning back into the community, and immigrant children.  She has volunteered in schools and libraries for decades and is full of joy to lead SNSC’s virtual book club.

Join Bobbi for the chance to explore new books, learn, and make new friends in a relaxed setting from home. You do not have to be able to read to join this book club!  Books will be read aloud in a small group setting. Together we’ll be transported to different worlds where we meet interesting characters and learn about exciting new things.  Taking that journey with a group of friends makes it even more delightful and fun.


Walk & Roll with Nils @10am


Aspire is a recreation program for children on the Autism Spectrum which is offered regularly throughout the year. Children enjoy activities that encourage development of communication and social skills through modeling and practice. Individualized skills and goals are identified and worked on through group play and exploration in the community.

Parent Educational Support & Advocacy

Parent Educational Support and Advocacy supports parents in all aspects of the special education and Section 504 process to promote understanding of the relevant state and federal rules, regulations while supporting parents in clarifying their ideas and concerns regarding their child’s education.

Our recently launched virtual Parent to Parent Peer Support Group takes place weekly on Zoom.  SNSC provides a welcoming, safe and open space for parents to share struggles and triumphs, form relationships, and gain resources.  For more information or to register contact; once you are registered Laura will send you the Zoom link.

Our meetings are facilitated by Miriam Osofsky.  Miriam is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Lebanon.  Miriam adores her son Sam, who is 23 years old, has developmental disabilities and autism, as well as an exceptionally loving heart.  He lives in an apartment in Manchester with two caretakers under the auspices of Siddharth Services.