SNSC operates four complementary programs to achieve our mission. All of our programs support people with special needs, and their families,  to pursue their goals and aspirations.

Please call SNSC at 603-448-6311 or email our Program Director to learn more or register for programs.


Art Lab is a weekly open studio art program for adults with special needs implemented in collaboration with SNSC and the AVA Gallery and Art Center.  The participating artists get a chance to explore different media with an emphasis on creative self-expression while socializing.


Happenings is a monthly social activities program for adults with special needs. Activities include dances, pizza and bingo nights, music fun nights, apple picking and other events related to the seasons.

Visit the Calendar to learn details about upcoming Happenings.


Aspire is a recreation program for children on the Autism Spectrum which is offered regularly throughout the year. Children enjoy activities that encourage development of communication and social skills through modeling and practice. Individualized skills and goals are identified and worked on through group play and exploration in the community.

Parent Educational Support & Advocacy

Parent Educational Support and Advocacy supports parents in all aspects of the special education and Section 504 process to promote understanding of the relevant state and federal rules, regulations while supporting parents in clarifying their ideas and concerns regarding their child’s education.