SNSC’s own Emma Woloshin is appointed as the Advocacy Program Coordinator

A hallmark of SNSC’s 40+ year history is its special needs advocacy with the trained and committed volunteers who work on behalf of special needs speople within the legal and educational systems as advocates. The advocates help every special needs person find their way and place within the complexity of the system. Be it getting through the maze of legal terms and filings, or precise classes, teachings and supportive care within the education system, or any other service outside the classroom, Emma coordinates the SNSC Volunteer Advocates to help. The advocates are known and trusted sherpas of day to day care for a special needs loved one. Emma’s role grows upon her five plus years at SNSC to now work with SNSC very special volunteers while working to better integrate within the systems themselves. Emma is known as a teacher, as program designer and lead for the ever popular Camp Aspire. She is a team builder, mentor, a sounding  board, a teacher, a friend, and the beacon of light that help every family, caregiver or special needs person take their best steps now including with their SNSC Volunteer Advocate.