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This youth and his two siblings were left without a parent when their single mother died suddenly in late November 2015.  Local professionals who know the whole family well have taken on the task of finding guardianship homes for each child, knowing that successor families will keep them in contact with one another, as they have meaningful and loving relationships.  Homes options have emerged for his two sisters, which is wonderful.  We continue to seek a home for their brother who is now a 9th grade student in the Regional Resource Program at Hartford High School.  His school team describes him in positive ways related to both his learning and his interpersonal relationships with peers and with adults. Ideally he would live now in a home where he can continue to attend his current school, because he’s very happy there – but he would be able to adjust to a new school with a good hands-on learning program for his high school years. A structure of Guardianship would have some financial support (social security survivor benefits) coming in monthly and there is a path for health insurance to be ongoing.

Please contact Judith Bush with any questions and for additional information.

Email: jbush@together.net;

Phone: 1-603-790-8283 or 1-802-356-9393 x 2.

Leave a message about good times to reach you if Judith is not available.