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New Library Materials

Thanks to the generosity of the Five Colleges Book Sale, our Nathan Hall Library has some new additions. This year, the Five Colleges Book Sale held their 53rd Annual Sale. This event raises money for VT and NH students attending Mt.Holyoke, Simmons, Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley Colleges.

Prior to the event, there is an incredible amount of sorting. Certain titles that do not sell well are set aside for local nonprofits. The Special Needs Support Center received two large boxes of some great titles this year. Stop by our Nathan Hall Library to check them out!

“Mother Warriors,” by Jenny McCarthy

“With patience and courage and unparalleled strength, thousands of families have made incredible strides in the fight against autism.  Mother Warriors shares their heartfelt and deeply personal stories of navigating through the many autism therapies to heal their children, as well as Jenny’s (McCarthy) own journey as an autism advocate and mother.”

“The Shape of the Eye,” by George Estreich

“When Laura Estreich is born, her eyes present a puzzle: Does their shape indicate Down syndrome, or simply the fact that she has a Japanese grandmother?  In this powerful memoir poet and stay-at-home dad George Estreich reflects on his daughter’s inheritance−from the family history that precedes her to the legacy of her genes, to mistaken portrayals of Down Syndrome today, tracing contemporary errors to historical sources. Against this backdrop, he shows us a child unlike any other−quirky and real, loved for everything ordinary and extraordinary about her.”