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Kids on the Block Puppeteer


One of the most special and unique programs offered by SNSC is the Kids on the Block (KOB) puppet program that educates elementary students about disabilities and special needs, such as autism, diabetes, ADHD, learning disabilities, CP, etc. as well as developmental topics relevant to kids such as bullying, healthy snacking, physical and sexual abuse, etc. SNSC has 25 puppets and short skit scripts on 12 disability related topics and 14 on social issues related topics. The puppets are life sized, hand-held and hand-manipulated by the puppeteers who are dressed in black and with a black screen hood – modeled after the Bunraku form of Japanese puppetry. Short skits (about 10-15 minutes) include two or three puppets engaging in dialogue about one of the 26 different topics to groups or classes of young students in their school setting. After the skit the puppets engage in a Q & A time with the audience members – at which interesting questions are often raised and answered. Each puppet has a name, family, personality, friends – and a special challenge. Usually two or three skits are performed at one time to the audience in a school, and the KOB troupe usually presents to several audiences in one day at a school, around the Upper Valley and nearby NH towns. The puppet venue allows children to safely and freely relate to the topic and to talk easily with the puppets. School staff chose the topics that are most relevant to their school populations.

Volunteer expectations: Enjoy educating young children about disabilities and special needs. Ability to memorize the short scripts and present the skits, with some level of interpretation (but one is not required to be a trained actor/actress). Commit to one or two (week) days a month during the school year when the puppet troupe is actively scheduled for performances. Participate in initial training and rehearsals to learn the scripts and presentation methods and details.

The SNSC KOB puppet troupe uses puppets and scripts purchased from a national organization that has hundreds of troupes around the USA. For lots more information about KOB go to www.kotb.com where you can view some puppet presentations, etc.

To chat more about this very special volunteer opportunity, contact Philip at Phil@snsc-uv.org or call 603-448-6311.