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Board and Committee Work


One of the greatest strengths of SNSC is the leadership provided to the organization by committed and dedicated members on its Board of Directors and its two main committees: the Development and the Financial.  SNSC seeks parents and professionals and community members from both sides of the river with a variety of skills and interests.

The Board work includes a monthly (10 per year) meeting for an hour and a half to two hours. Members also serve as officers and/or on one of the two main committees. Other main expectations include helping with the Annual Giving Campaign in the fall by writing personal notes on letters of appeal to a designated list (15-25) of potential donors. The AGC is a primary source of financial support for the annual budget. Board members are encouraged to also participate in other fund raising activities as possible. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting in June and serve 3-year terms, renewable one time. Board members ensure that the mission of SNSC is carried out: To help children and adults with special needs, and their families meet their unique challenges through advocacy and program support.

The two main committees consist of Board members as well as people from the Upper Valley. Often times committee involvement can serve as a “minor league” preparation before a person moves on to serving on the Board. The Finance Committee meets about every couple of months with the responsibility of monitoring the financial status of SNSC and its annual budget. During budget preparations in the late spring this committee may meet monthly. The Development Committee consists of two subcommittees: The AGC and the Special Events. The AGC is most active in the fall planning for the campaign in November, while the Special Events is active during the school year in planning and carrying out various fundraising activities, a key source of financial support for SNSC.

To chat more about this volunteer activity, contact Philip at Phil@snsc-uv.org or call 603-448-6311.