Laura Perez
Executive Director

Laura Perez has more than fifteen years of experience in community organization and program development including fundraising, education, and outreach with a goal of enhancing community wellness. Her baccalaureate education focused on the politics of poverty at the domestic and international levels and community education as a force for social change. Laura recently graduated from Norwich University with a Master’s in Business Administration with a Strategic Organizational Leadership Focus. She is personally and professionally committed to creating a safer, happier, and healthier place for us all to live, play and work.

Before joining our team Laura was part of the leadership team at Stagecoach Transportation Services. Ensuring access to transportation for vulnerable people in rural areas is an issue that is near to her heart. Previously, she enjoyed the work of cultivating and maintaining relationships within the Upper Valley community which resulted in community participation in the delivery of services and stewardship of the facilities and programs at the Upper Valley Haven.